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2011 ESHS Conference

From November 18, 2010 until November 20, 2010
Barcelona, Spain

TEUS members Simone Turchetti and Néstor Herran participate in the symposium "Writing the History of the Physical Sciences after 1945" within the 4th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science (ESHS). Their papers, “MONITORING RADIOACTIVITY IN COLD WAR EUROPE” (Néstor Herram) and “GOOD VIBRATIONS”: NUCLEAR SURVEILLANCE DURING THE COLD WAR” (Simone Turchetti) will be presented in a session on Cold War Physical Sciences, in which two otherpapers were also presented:  “THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES IN THE GLOBAL COLD WAR” (by John Krige) and “WHEN FRANCE PUT THE SUN IN THE COLD WAR AT ODEILLO, 1948–1991” (by Pierre Tessier).