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Past meetings

2012 Workshop: Cold War, Blue Planet

From June 27, 2012 until June 29, 2012
CHSTM, University of Manchester

Cold War/Blue Planet The rise of the Environmental Sciences in a Divided World Manchester, 27-29 June 2012 In 1968 photographic images taken from the spacecraft Apollo 8 led to envision the Earth as a “blue marble” and their beauty inspired many. As these images were taken –however- the planet was fraught with conflict. The ongoing Vietnam War was by then creating mounting unrest for its human...[more]

2011 BSHS Conference in Exeter

From July 14, 2011 until July 17, 2011
Exeter, United Kingdom

Members of TEUS project have organised a panel on Geophysics in the Cold War for the next BSHS Conference in Exeter.[more]

2011 "Tripartite” Workshop in Stockholm

From June 13, 2011 until June 14, 2011
Stockholm, Sweden

The workshop will gather TEUS group with Scandinavian researchers working in similar topics, with the aim of sharing research experiences. In particular, we will meet there members of the research project "Exploring Greenland", directed by Matthias Heymann at the University of Aahrus (Denmark) and the research group directed by Sverker Sorlin at Stockholm.[more]

2011 Presentation in Cambridge

January 27, 2011
From 15:00 until 17:00
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Simone Turchetti presents his paper “In God We Trust; All Others We Monitor: Seismology and International Affairs during the Cold War" in the Department of History of Science of the University of Cambridge.[more]

2011 ESHS Conference

From November 18, 2010 until November 20, 2010
Barcelona, Spain

TEUS members Simone Turchetti and Néstor Herran participate in the symposium "Writing the History of the Physical Sciences after 1945" within the 4th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science (ESHS). Their papers, “MONITORING RADIOACTIVITY IN COLD WAR EUROPE” (Néstor Herram) and “GOOD VIBRATIONS”: NUCLEAR SURVEILLANCE DURING THE COLD WAR” (Simone Turchetti) will...[more]